The only hotel on Monarch Mountain - FREE SHUTTLE to ski resort!


Our cancellation policy for Holidays is as follows:
Before 7 days prior to arrival—You can change any details of your reservation without a fee. You may add or remove days… change your room type… cancel the whole thing… there is absolutely no charge.
After 7 days prior to arrival—Any changes to your reservation after 7 days prior to arrival renders your reservation non-refundable.
Certain rate plans may be subject to more stringent cancellation policies, for example, special packages.
If a reservation is subject to such a policy, this will be disclosed in the package description described online and on our confirmation and receipt.
Reservations made during these Holiday Dates with an online travel agency like Expedia or, may have more stringent cancellation policies. Please consult the online booking agency for more information.
2021 Holiday Schedule:
01/01/21 – 01/03/21
01/15/21 – 01/18/21
02/12/21 – 02/15/21
03/05/21 – 03/28/21
05/28/21 – 05/31/21
06/04/21 – 06/13/21
07/02/21 – 0705/21
09/03/21 – 09/06/21
12/17/21 – 12/13/21

Stay with us!

The only hotel in Monarch Mountain with FREE SHUTTLE to ski resort!

Monarch Mountain Lodge
22720 West US Hwy 50
Salida, Colorado 81201
[email protected]
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